Break The Plus Size Style Rules And Look Amazing!

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For plus size woman, it seems we are generally advised not to wear:

  • large prints
  • bright colors
  • horizontal stripes
  • body conscious clothing
  • anything white
  • sleeveless blouses, etc.

The basic information we’ve received, was to hide under large, unshapely garments and conceal your imperfections in a predominately black wardrobe. But I think being a plus size must not stop you from wearing that what you like the most.

I know my body type, and which silhouettes look best on me, yet I dress in a way that makes me feel happy and confident. I adore A-line skirts & dresses, full leg trousers & jeans, but I also wear clothing that some suggest are not suited for my body shape such as skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and shift dresses.

It’s worth noting that I think it’s time to defy “plus size fashion rules,” because doing so opens up an infinite number of fashion possibilities.

Besides, we all have the right to look and feel fabulous, confident, and stylish regardless of our size age shape.

Here are some looks to break the rules!

You Might Have Heard that Plus Size Women Should Stay Away From Wearing Colors And Prints. But it is not entirely so.

plus size dress, break the plus size rule and looking amazing

plus size dress tips, break the plus size rule and looking amazing

You Might Also Think That Bold Prints Are A Fashion NO NO!

plus size dress, break the plus size rules

You resist wearing denims because you feel that it will highlight the problem areas, will make you look fat or obese?  Don’t worry. Denims are the best thing that could happen to your wardrobe. Denims go with all types of tops, t-shirts and shirts. 

BREAK THE PLUS SIZE RULES AND LOOK AMAZING, plus size fashion tips, girlsintrendyWhite clothes are considered a big no no for plus size women. But believe it or not, wearing white is a wonderful thing when it is in terms of dresses.

BREAK THE PLUS SIZE RULES AND LOOK AMAZING, plus size dress tips, plus size fashion tips, girlsintrendy

Another stereotype that plus size women live by is that sleeveless blouses and dresses make their arms look fat or ugly.  Ladies there is no need to feel conscious while wearing sleeveless. You are as attractive as any other woman out there and wearing sleeveless is a great feeling as we all know. Sleeveless clothes make you look more attractive and put together.

BREAK THE PLUS SIZE RULES, plus size fashion tips, plus size dress tips, girlsintrendy

So these were some of the plus size rules that are actually fun when you break it and go rogue. Ladies have fun with your clothes and wear what you feel the best. We will be back with more content but until then keep having fun.